Reel Deals

Links to Interesting Sites for Film Collectors


CATHS                                                                                Cinema & Theatre Historical Society of Australia Inc.

                                                                                              CATHS aims to record the history of cinemas and theatres and to promote

                                                                                                interest in theatre heritage, architecture and  other related areas.

GRAEME NEWMAN’S PAGES                          Extensive listing of 9.5mm / 17.5mm / 28mm Pathé film equipment for the collector

AMERICAN WIDESCREEN MUSEUM                 Extensive site, covers all aspects of widescreen movies and technology

AMMPT                                                                                The Australian Museum of Motion Picture Technology (Inc.)                                                                        Preserving the heritage of Australia's Moving Image industry

MAD CORNISH PROJECTIONISTS                   Good technical info on the UK site. Well worth a browse.

PROJECTED PICTURE TRUST                         Pictures and information on projectors and cinemas on the U.K.

CINERDISTAN                                                                     "A site for cine nerds".

                                                                        Includes narrow gauge projectors, cine technology and film preservation.

MISHKIN PRODUCTIONS AUSTRALIA                           Lots of information on available film types & processing info, with links to other sites of interest.